Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wedding Reception at the Wachusett Country Club

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For those of you searching for a wedding reception site, the Wachusett Country Club, in West Boylston, MA, scores a "hole in one."

We recently attended a wonderful wedding reception at this attractive, family-operated central Massachusetts facility. Elegant without being stuffy, we were most impressed with how every staff member -- from management to waitress -- accommodated the entire party with such warmth, attentiveness and overall professionalism.

The functions rooms are up-to-date, with one room affording commanding views of the golf course and Wachusett Reservoir (an underrated Massachusetts scenic gem, if there ever was one). The 3,500 sq. ft. deck provides those views with a bit of fresh, rural central Massachusetts air for your added benefit.

Our food was just fine with a spicy, colored pasta appetizer, very good hard rolls, excellent Caesar salad and acceptable chicken and seafood dish options for the main course.

The shiny dance floor was large and set off nicely from the main dining area with no chipped tiles, crevices or abundance of slippery wax!

The Wachusett Country Club must be doing something right, given the business has been in operation since 1939. With the right mix of scenic location, friendly staff and good food, everything was indeed right that special night at the Wachusett Country Club for the newly-married couple, their families and friends.

Wachusett Country Club,
187 Prospect St,
West Boylston, MA
Phone: 508 835-4484

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