Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Wicked Good Boston Vacation Travel Guide Video

Faneuil Hall, Boston, Mass. (photo by Eric)
Finding a good Boston, Mass., vacation video is about as difficult as navigating its narrow, one-way streets, but we have found an excellent one created by Expedia. In Boston language, it's "wicked good!"

A narrator with a classic Boston accent provides the foundation for a comprehensive video that informs and entertains on history, culture, attractions and sports. Although only five minutes long, this Boston vacation travel guide video seems to cover the most vital basics that, we think, will he, help you greatly with your Boston trip planning.

Kudos to Expedia for producing this excellent Boston video!

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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Norwood Mass. Town Common and Church Winter Scene

The New England winter can be so brutal but the scenes that come out of it can be so soothing and scenic.  Case in point: the Norwood, Mass., town common surrounded by the United Church of Norwood (left) and Saint Catherine of Siena Parish (right).

Norwood center -- about 15 miles southwest of Boston -- looks nice any time of the year, but seems to look best in the winter. The blanket of snow surely adds that extra scenic depth to most New England scenes!

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

Lake Massapoag Sunset in Sharon, Mass.

Lake Massapoag sunset, Sharon MA

Lake Massapoag in Sharon, Mass., might be best known as a summer spot with its swimming beach, and boating and fishing opportunities, but the winter scenery has its own equally special personality.

I recently did a double take when recently driving past Lake Massapoag around 4:15 p.m., as the combination of unique-looking clouds and the way the last glimpses of sun played off the ice was nothing short of spectacular.

Don't make a long-distance special trip to see the sunsets here, but if you are in the area and the potential for good color in the sky seems possible, then Lake Massapoag is surely worth a visit.

Lake Massapoag is located along Massapoag Ave. in Sharon, Mass.

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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Turner Pond Offers an Amazing Winter Ice Skating Experience in Walpole, Mass.

Turner Pond, Walpole, Mass. (photo by Eric)
A local well-known television reporter once covered the Turner Lodge at Turner Pond in Walpole, Mass., for a nighttime segment and told me: "If I lived around here, I'd be out here every night."

Turner Lodge and Pond have that effect, being so close to Boston (18 miles) but coming across as a place you'd expect to find on vacation in, say, Vermont or New Hampshire.

The Turner Pond Lodge (photo by Eric)
The scenic pond, just outside Walpole center, is ideal for ice skating and the cozy, rustic red-colored lodge features sofas, a fireplace, television, books, board games, snacks, hot chocolate and a dining table where locals bring in, and sometimes share, home-cooked meals. There's really a great community feel at this little cabin situated by the pond and alongside beautiful forest land. The experience is especially incredible at night (when officially open) as locals of all ages skate along with the cold, crisp air under the stars with a hint of wood burning in barrels to provide some warmth near the benches.

Not too long ago abandoned but fortunately brought back to life by Walpole volunteers, Turner Pond is now a much-needed Boston area winter destination, bringing in hundreds of "Walpoleans" and non-residents that, up until recently, had no really good choices for supervised pond ice skating. There's enough room set aside on the 17 acre pond for the hockey players, figure skaters, beginners and others looking forward to this idyllic ice time.

Ice skating at Turner Pond is only open when the thickness of the ice is deemed at an acceptable level by onsite managers and volunteers are available for supervision. Walpole residents can sign up for $20 a season, non residents $30, by downloading and signing forms ahead of time. For more information, log onto the Walpole Ponds Facebook page.

The rustic, cozy Turner Lodge (photo by Eric)

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Monday, January 12, 2015

Zagat Writes about Anticipated 2015 Boston Restaurant Openings

Scott Kearnan, of Zagat, just wrote an informative post about "Boston's Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings of 2015."

Perhaps a sign that the economy is finally coming around, the myriad Boston restaurant openings  should add diverse dining options to the "Hub of the Universe." Restaurants serving upscale pizza, contemporary American, farm-to-table, as well as a brewery and Japanese pub are amongst those many options.

I am especially looking forward to Blackbird Doughnuts -- with its chocolate covered treats -- scheduled to open at 492 Tremont St. in Boston!

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How to Find the Latest New Hampshire Alpine, Nordic Ski Conditions

If you're looking for the latest New Hampshire ski conditions, SkiNH offers a terrific online resource for Alpine and Nordic skiing destinations.

Updated frequently, SkiNH not only posts on ski conditions, but also features a weather forecast resource and weather blog, as well as resort webcams. Some webcam locations include Bretton Woods,  Cannon Mountain, Cranmore, Dartmouth Skiway, Gunstock Mountain Resort, Mount Sunapee Resort,  Pats Peak and Waterville Valley.

We are quite impressed with the comprehensive nature of the site, in general, and recommend it as a prime New Hampshire ski trip planning resource.

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Obnoxious Boston Sports Fan Writes on Sledding at Robbins Farm Park in Arlington, Mass.

The Obnoxious Boston Sports Fan wrote an absolutely fantastic article on about the joys of sledding at Robbins Farm Park in Arlington, Mass., and the importance of never banning this revered winter pastime.

Full of humor and wonderful memories while focusing on the timeless fun of this activity, the Obnoxious Boston Sports Fan also crafted this post with a cautionary tale about political correctness potentially impeding this recreational rite of passage into the winter. Some communities have banned sledding, feeling that physical harm outweighs kids and families just enjoying the great outdoors in this form.

Whether you agree with this article -- and, in general, the Obnoxious Boston Sports Fan's innate conservative perspectives -- this "real" journalist has the rare ability of hitting a home run with each article.  He often draws the reader into his articles by employing laser sharp focus on the matter of hand, writing in descriptive detail, and not wavering from his true beliefs.  The "sledding" post might be one of his best, in my opinion.

I hope you get the read the article, it's really a journalistic gem!

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Romantic Dining at the Top of a Newburyport Mass. Lighthouse

The Phantom Gourmet has a terrific presentation on a most unusual food experience: dining at the top of Newburyport Lighthouse in Newburyport, Mass.

Greeted outside by a waitress, guests then climb the 55 stairs through the hatch to the 8X8 sq. ft. glass enclosed dining room that yields incredible panoramic views of the Merrimack River Valley, Atlantic Ocean and Downtown Newburyport. Visitors get to choose their high-end, gourmet meal from several local restaurants that service the Newburyport Lighthouse. It's not cheap and you have to reserve several months in advance, but neither comes as a surprise -- where else can one dine in such a setting?

Yankee Magazine summed up the Lighthouse dining experience very nicely: "If you're romantically inclined, it doesn't get much better than this...the dining room at the top of the lighthouse is a glass-encased love nest...that feels like the top of the world."  

The Lighthouse Preservation Society originally created this novel dining out idea as a fundraiser but the idea really took off and has remained wildly popular to this very day -- and open year-round.  Profits from the dining experience help save and preserve the Lighthouse.

The Newburyport Lighthouse is located at 61 1/2 Water St.,  Newburyport, MA. Tel. Reservations can be made by calling 1-800-727-BEAM

Sullivan's Castle Island Food Stand Seeks Second Location in Hingham

Sullivan's comfort foods. Photo credit:
The Boston Herald is reporting that the legendary Sullivan's food stand at Castle Island in South Boston, Mass., is looking to expand into Hingham, Mass.

Sullivan's, which has been in business since 1951, is in talks with the Hingham Bathing Beach Trustees about possibly opening a second seasonal location at Hingham Bathing Beach that would offer "the same food and affordable prices as in Southie," according to the article. Brendan Sullivan hope that if all goes well, he'd like to open Sullivan's in Hingham by the end of next summer, although hinted that "might be pushing it."

While the original Sullivan's is known for its rock bottom prices on tasty hot dogs and hamburgers, Sullivan's goes well beyond that dynamic duo with other good-value-for-the-money comfort foods including lobster roll, fried clam strips, clam chowder, fish sandwich, egg and cheese sandwich, fries and onion rings, soft serve ice cream, Hoodsies and Richie's Italian Ice.

Opening Sullivan's at the Hingham Bathing Beach would be a great addition for local beach goers, so hopefully negotiating a lease and permit will result in this landmark food landmark's first expansion. Stay tuned, we will update you as soon as we hear more information!

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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

New England Ice Cream Stands That Stay Open During the Winter

New Englanders have a true love for ice cream. How else could one explain several ice cream stands remaining open during the frigid New England winter?

To top it off, you wouldn't believe the steady traffic these ice cream stands get even during the coldest days.

When ice cream is great, it's great and when it's bad, it's still pretty good. Here, however, we will only focus on the top New England ice cream stands that remain open during the winter because you deserve the best for putting up with the freezing temperatures!

Gray's Ice Cream (photo by Eric)
Gray's Ice Cream, Tiverton Four Corners, R.I. Gary's has been in business since 1923 and is open 365 days a year -- the reason being, as they state, "Because ice cream is good everyday!" Featuring more than 40 flavors, as well as some excellent sundaes, Gray's is one of the few places in Rhode Island to make its ice cream on the premises. You can never go wrong with chocolate, strawberry and vanilla, but we strongly recommend cherry vanilla, strawberry cheesecake, pistachio, ginger and frozen pudding (how appropriate for a cold winter day!). USA Today once featured Gray's in its USA's best ice cream parlors.  Hours vary during the year, so call ahead at (401) 624-4500.

Gray's is located in a pastoral farm setting in the Rhode Island FarmCoast region at  16 East Rd., Tiverton.

Ice Cream Machine flavors.
Click to enlarge.
(photo by Eric)
Ice Cream Machine, Cumberland, R.I.  The Ice Cream Machine might just have the best tasting ice cream we've sampled in the region, so it's nice to know that this classic ice cream stand remains open, year-round. Located across the street from Diamond Hill Park in a semi-rural section of Cumberland, the Ice Cream Machine offers some really wonderful flavors like cinnamon, key lime pie, raspberry truffle, s'mores, and cherry chocolate chip. Winter hours, at this writing, are Wednesday-Friday 12 p.m.-6 p.m. and Saturday-Sunday 11 a.m.-5 p.m.

The Ice Cream Machine is located at 4288 Diamond Hill Rd., Cumberland RI. Tel. (401) 333-4513

Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar
(photo by Eric)
Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar, Sharon, Mass. Once ranked as one of the top 10 ice cream places in the world by National Geographic, Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar features some rich-tasting, truly amazing flavors -- especially black raspberry, toasted walnut fudge, peppermint stick, coconut and one of the best tasting vanillas anywhere. Hours, at this writing, are 11 a.m.-6 p.m., seven days a week.

Crescent Ridge Dairy Bar is located at 355 Bay Rd., Sharon MA. Tel. (781) 784-2740

Peaceful Meadows, Whitman, Mass. Going to Peaceful Meadows is like having a comforting, best friend. Perhaps the busiest of the ice cream stands in the winter mentioned here, Peaceful Meadows is also the most welcoming and friendliest from order to window delivery. Most importantly, the ice cream is as good as ever. This ice cream stand that has been around since 1962 is located in a farm setting, and turns out frozen gems like coffee, coconut chocolate almond, maple walnut, and grapenut. They also offer huge sundaes, and you can design your own.  Like Gray's, Peaceful Meadows make its ice cream on the premises. and the farm setting is scenic and, well, peaceful, any time of the year. Peaceful Meadows winter hours, at this writing, are from 10 a.m.-10 p.m. seven days a week. 

Peaceful Meadows is located at 60 Bedford St. (Route 18), Whitman MA. Tel. (781) 447-3889

Editor's note: we do recommend calling ahead before visiting these ice cream stands to ensure consistent hours of operations.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Going Green in Walpole, Mass., at Three Downtown Irish Pubs

If you can't get to Ireland any time soon,  try downtown Walpole, Mass.

No, you won't find any low lying mountains, lush vegetation, rolling green pastures or sea cliffs in this small, often quaint southwest Boston suburb, but three authentic Irish pubs within a few hundred yards of each other will surely conjure up visions of the Emerald Isle.

Three pleasant native Irish gentlemen with brogues of varying degree own Finnegan's Wake, The Raven's Nest and Napper Tandy's Walpole. It's impossible to compare one Irish pub with another, as each has its own special personality, but, ultimately, they are all superb pub destinations.  Walpole, with nearly 60 percent of its population of Irish descent, has more than a few people that know Ireland well, and tell me that Finnegan's, The Raven's Nest and Napper Tandy's would all fit in quite well if located in Ireland.

Finnegan's Wake, Walpole, Mass. (photo by Eric)
Finnegan's Wake is located in the basement of an old former foundry building on a hard-to-find side street. Cozy doesn't even begin to describe the bar and dining areas as the lower level setting, ambient dim lighting and a casual, mellow vibe makes Finnegan's seem like one's own private discovery. It's a great place to watch the game, or enjoy a quiet conversation farther away from the bar. Owner Tom Kirwan, who used to own Kirwan's Kitchen breakfast restaurant on Main St., took over the former Rebel bar several years ago, and put his own stamp on the place with a pub straight out of Ireland. He works a lot of hours, but always remains kind and sincere -- and often personally making sure the customer is having a good experience. He also gives so much back to the community. Kristen Smith is a business partner and the long-time chef, and really has a firm grasp of mastering every dish available to customers. Together, Tom and Kristen and a generally well chosen staff (especially the young man also named Tom who works there) help make Finnegan's such a special place.

The look of Finnegan's Wake is rather understated -- certainly not one of those over-the-top Irish pubs that are more cartoon-like than authentic. Finnegan's has lots of character, a few characters at the bar, and an overall demeanor that is family-friendly.   There's more of an accent on Irish fare here including fabulous, true-to-tradition shepherd's pie, bangers and mash, Gunness Beef Stew (unbelievably good!) and toasties. The roast turkey dinner, steak tips and fish and chips are, also, recommended, too. The beer selection is great, the pizza surprisingly good, and there are enough televisions to comfortably watch the game. What a hidden gem! Finnegans Wake is located at 7 Glenwood Ave., in Walpole MA. Tel. (508) 668-1189

The Raven's Nest. Photo Credit: The Raven's Nest
Mark McAuliffe and his wife Maura took the former Paddock and Barleycorn restaurants -- or perhaps dives would be a better word -- and transformed the place into a design that would even make Restaurant Impossible host Robert Irvine proud. Mark had each brick on one wall handpainted, and created an incredibly, picture-perfect attactive bar and dining room that looks like something out of a movie with large windows that open up in the summer and views of the beautiful Walpole town common. Mark has told me, with the utmost pride, more than a few times that The Raven's Nest offers the "coziness" and "warmth" of traditional Irish pubs in his native land. Mark should know, being from County Cork and as a veteran of the restaurant scene as he also owns The Mad Raven in Waltham, Mass. He and Maura also own The Coffee Perch, a few doors down -- really a fabulous little coffee shop. I love the casual, friendly atmosphere at The Ravens' Nest, and can't say enough about the excellent contemporary cuisine and pub fare like pistachio chicken, apple goat cheese salmon, beef and bacon chili, mac and cheese, steak tips with bourbon marinade, grilled pizza, mac and cheese, fresh chicken pesto sandwich, roasted wings, and mouthwatering burgers. Have no fear, though, if you think The Raven's Nest doesn't have enough Irish fare: the flavorful Shepherd's pie and chicken curry dinner confirm the owner's culinary roots. Add plenty of large TV screens to see the game, 15 different draft beers, an extensive wine list, many signature cocktails, live music on weekends, and an outdoor patio for those laid back summer nights, and The Raven's Nest seems like the prototype for a classic pub. This brings up the following question: why put up with the hassle of driving into Boston for just a meal when you have a place in the suburbs that is as good, if not better, than some of the higher profile, more expensive urban spots -- and with plenty of parking spaces in the downtown district? The Raven's Nest is located at 998 Main St., in Walpole MA. Tel. (508) 734-9377

Napper Tandy's Walpole. (photo by Eric)
Like Kirwan and McAullife, Napper Tandy's Walpole owner John Jacob is from Ireland -- Kildare to be exact. He is an extremely hard worker and a personable sort that enjoys a good conversation and has an ambitious nature that makes him a well respected local restauranteur. His wife, Niamh, is a co-owner, thus making Napper's Walpole a true family-run business.

In the past several years, John has opened Napper Tandy's in Norwood and Roslindale, and Eugene O'Neill's in Jamaica Plain. The Walpole location is the newest and my personal favorite. There's a strong focus on the food and the atmosphere is so much fun: 10,000 square feet that includes a charming pub with oak bar and high top tables, a large dining room/lounge with a beautiful mahogany bar, and a downstairs pool hall with nine pool tables, four dart boards, a jukebox and full bar. The food quality is almost always outstanding including some one of the best burgers I have ever tasted, sirloin Shepherd's pie, tenderloin steak tips, fish and chips, edamame stir fry and baked Haddock Nantucket with herb breadcrumbs and New England clam chowder served with rice and sauteed broccoli. Napper's also offers some excellent pizzas, salads with fresh greens and an impressive appetizers menu including coconut curried mussels, fried calamari, fried onion petals, wings, and fried pickles. The drinks selection is outstanding with all the usual suspects, plus a great selection of craft beers including several IPAs on tap.

Napper Tandy's Walpole is certainly large in size, but that doesn't take anything away from the intimate, cozy charm of the restaurant. The upstairs bars and dining areas truly have a quaint and relaxed yet vibrant feeling and the historic cottage exterior adds further layers of personality. Napper's Walpole also offers a patio for outdoor seating during the summer and, at this writing, free pool on Monday nights, paint and sip bar nights on select Tuesdays, and trivia night on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. Napper Tandy's Walpole is located at 1065 Main St., Walpole MA. Tel. 508-668-1191

So, which Walpole pub would I recommend? The answer is "All of the above." It's almost unheard of to have three pubs with an Irish feel so close to each other in such a small town, but their presence not only helps make downtown Walpole a nice destination, but gives locals some very appealing dining options.

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Prisoners Create Wood Products for Sale at the Maine State Prison Showroom in Thomaston, Maine

If you feel imprisoned by a world of generic faceless shopping destinations, then the Maine State Prison Showroom in Thomaston, Maine, will surely free you from these retail constraints.

Maine inmates from the Maine State Prison get to acquire valuable job skills while creating unique wood products, including furniture, toys, wooden model sailing ships, jewelry boxes, chests, desks, dressers, wardrobes, birdhouses and more.

Maine State prison personnel and inmates run the showrooms, which features several hundred items. The prices are reasonable and many online reviewers postitively comment about the quality workmanship of many of the products for sale..

The Maine State Prison Showroom is part of the Maine Department of Corrections Industries which "highly regulated program enables participating prisoners to earn money which goes toward reimbursing the state for their room and board expenses, as well as paying victim restitution and child support," according to the Maine Department of Corrections Web Site.

The Maine State Prison Showroom is located at 358 Main St. (Rt. 1) in Thomaston, Maine. Tel. (207) 354-9237

Monday, January 5, 2015

Eagle Trading Company Sells Old, Rare, Out-of-Print Cookbooks in Assonet, Mass.

If you love unique independently-owned book stores, here's one of the best kept secrets in New England: Eagle Trading Company, a small bookshop that sells cookbooks in the Assonet neighborhood of Freetown, Mass.

Chuck, the gracious owner of Eagle Trading Company, possesses an amazing selection of old, rare and out-of-print cookbooks. His store is open on Mondays and Tuesdays, 10 a.m.-5 p.m., so you'll have to make a phone appointment at (508) 644-9880 if looking to visit any other time of the week. Still, I would call even before embarking on a Monday or Tuesday trip just to make sure the book store is open.

Eagle Trading Company is located at 4 Elm St., Unit 1, in Assonet MA about 10 minutes outside Fall River on the Southcoast.

Editor's note: do you have a best kept New England travel secret? Write us and we'll consider your feedback for inclusion at the New England Travel and Vacation Gazette.

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Maine Bed Racing, Whoopie Pie and Lobster Festivals in 2015

Bed Races in Bar Harbor.
Photo credit: Maine Office of Tourism
New England has its share of unique public festivals with Maine arguably leading the way in creativity. Bed races on a main street, the Maine Lobster and Whoopie Pie Festivals and help prove the point.

These traditions are thankfully scheduled to continue for 2015...

The 21st annual Early Bird Sales and Bed Races will take place on Nov. 7 in downtown Bar Harbor. Local merchants offer shopping from 6 a.m.-9 a.m., at the attractive Village Green while the traditionally silly yet fun bed and pajama parade and race begins at 10 a.m. on Cottage St.

Maine Lobster Festival parade.
Photo Credit: Maine Lobster Festival
Over in vibrant downtown Rockland, the 67th annual Maine Lobster Festival is scheduled for July 29- Aug. 2 with 20,000 lbs. of lobster on the premises, a lobster crate race, the Main Eating tent with lobster dinners, lobster rolls, lobster Caesar wraps and lobster Caesar salads, professional cooking contests, a parade, a road race, fun run and walk, arts and crafts and coronation of the Maine Sea Goddess. The Lobster Festival has become a world-renowned event and is not only a fun time, but also helps support hard-working local businesses.

Maine Whoopie Pie Festival.
Photo credit: Maine Whoopie Pie Festival 
The Maine Whoopie Festival started as an idea tossed around the kitchen that turned into an incredibly popular event, thanks to Patrick Myers, founder and organizer. This year's festival will take place on June 27th in downtown Dover-Foxcroft with local bakers selling their versions of whoopie pies, as well as competing in contests where judges determine the best whoopie pies. Several thousand are expected to attend this fun festival that also features 25 cent samples, music, merchandise for sale, and the Whoopie Pie Festival Mascot, Sweetie Pie.

FYI, the whoopie pie is the official state treat as the Maine Legislature wrote this into law in 2012 (Maine blueberry pie is the official state dessert). Who would have known?

Editor's note: if you know of a unique Maine event, please email us! Additionally, please check for updates on each web site to ensure these events will happen.

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Saturday, January 3, 2015

How to Purchase New England Ski Lift Tickets in Advance and Save

Liftopia, a novel platform for ski resorts in North America, is offering discounts on New England lift tickets up to 79% off, at this writing, when purchased in advance.

Whether a one-day lift ticket or multi-day package, we are finding some amazing deals at major ski resorts in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut (yes, contrary to popular belief, those last two states do have ski destinations!).  Because New England is compact, many ski resorts are within driving distance from New England cities like Boston, Providence, Hartford and Portland

Some of the major ski destinations found on Liftopia, at this writing, include Mount Snow, Attitash, Killington, Gunstock, Smugglers' Notch, Wildcat Mountain, Cranmore, Jiminy Peak, Wachusett and Bretton Woods.

File this one under "Isn't 21st Century online technology amazing?"

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Author to Open Bookstore in Plainville, Mass.

Construction in downtown Plainville, Mass., where
new bookstore will open (photo by Eric)
Jeff Kinney, author of the popular children's book series, "Diary of a Wimpy Kid," and his wife Julie will be opening a bookstore in a new building that is sure to change the look of downtown Plainville, Mass.

Construction at the corner of 2 East Bacon and South Streets is well underway with the new three-story building taking over the former Falk's Market site, which through the years, turned from a beloved landmark into an out-of-business eyesore. That suburban blight is now a past chapter with a new story unfolding as a historical Federal architectural style can be already be witnessed driving by this central Plainville location.

The Sun Chronicle is reporting that the bookstore, along with plans for a cafe on the first floor, could be open by the spring 2015. Specific plans for the rest of the building are yet-to-be-determined but there is office space available.

I believe that this new building will be a game changer for downtown Plainville.  The district already has some wonderful elements, including Don's Diner and Norm's  Seafood, Purple Rooster Cafe, an old-time independently-owned pharmacy, a nice public library, terrific town park and very attractive tree-lined streets with beautiful older homes off the main drag. Adding an independently-owned bookstore and cafe within a nice-looking new building that blends in well with the look of this small town will surely potentiate the good bones of the downtown.

Kinney and his wife reside in Plainville, so this is really a wonderful way of them making their hometown even better. Kudos to them!

This is what the final project should look like:

2 East Bacon St. project. Photo credit: 2 East Bacon Facebook page
It is indeed a very exciting time for Plainville. Stay tuned, as this corner of Plainville is about to have a long-awaited makeover!

For updates on the building, log onto the 2 East Bacon Facebook fan page.



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