Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Wide Appeal of Guido's Italian-American Restaurant in Walpole, MA

Article and photo by Eric H.

Everyone likes Guido's Italian-American Restaurant in Walpole, MA, and many even love it.

Ask virtually anyone in the Norfolk County area who has been to Guido's and they'll tell you nothing but good things. During these tough economic times, who wouldn't love mounds of delicious Italian food (except those on a diet) and fresh, homemade pizzas at low prices? Add a local, hometown personal touch with friendly, attentive service and a personable host named Mike and you have a homey, family-oriented place to dine away from home. To sweeten the experience, Guido's also features a dessert display case with Boston North-End quality sweets made from scratch, including cannolis, apple strudel, eclairs, cream puffs, lemon merangue pie, and chocolate chip cookies. Guido's also offers a good children's menu and, for adults, a good variety of beers and wines.

Guido's has a rather plain design -- kind of like a Friendly's with chandeliers (and no counter), but it's this type of atmosphere that lends further dining appeal. The minute you step into this modest dining room, you know you won't get any "attitude" like "I'm better than you" waitresses," "hand-rubbed" this and "encrusted and infused" that, and prices that require a second mortgage. Going to Guido's is ultimately like going to a big family outing where everyone seems to know each other.

When Guido's comes up in dining conversation, the response is always good. That a good cross-section of people enjoy eating at Guido's is true testimony to its wide appeal as an affordable dining spot with some excellent Italian-American food.

Recommended dishes:
Pasta fasule
Chicken soup
Clam chowder
Caesar Salad
Baked eggplant and veal parmigiana
Gnocchi with meatballs
Chicken and broccoli alfredo
Lasagne with meat sauce
baked stuffed haddock
Thin crust pizza
Sicilian-style pizza

Guido's Italian-American Restaurant
683 Main St.
The Market Place at 1A
Walpole, MA
Tel. (508) 660-1533
Second location: 218 Dedham Street in Norfolk, MA. Tel. (508) 384-5122

Monday, December 1, 2008

Visiting Quaint Wayland Square in Providence, RI

Article and Photo by Eric H.

Rodney Dangerfield -- God Bless your soul -- take notice: Wayland Square, a pleasant section in Providence, RI, gets no respect.

While the busy, funky, eclectic and sometimes cloying, precious College Hill caters to Brown University and Rhode Island School of Design college students, Wayland Square resides, almost silently, a few blocks down. And while Providence Place, Federal Hill and Waterplace Park bring in the tourists and local crowds, Wayland Square quite modestly avoids the limelight of Providence's lively renaissance. This avoidance happens with good reason: it's hard to have a Renaissance when your traditional-oriented neighborhood has maintained itself well through the years.

Largely a wealthy residential area on the "East Side," Wayland Square looks more like a quaint village than part of a bustling city. Tree-lined and quiet, Wayland Square has a few restaurants (including the excellent Rufful's for breakfast and lunch, and the Red Stripe for upscale but casual New American dining), book stores, a toy shop, antiques shops, boutiques, and art and interior design stores. Combined with elegant apartments and grand 18th and 19th century Colonial homes, Wayland Square is a true hidden travel gem. If you're in the Providence area, make sure to give Wayland Square the respect it deserves by visiting this classic old New England neighborhood with some very modern, yet understated leanings.



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