Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Massachusetts Town Greens Book Features Beautiful Historic Town Commons

Town commons in Massachusetts
Massachusetts Town Greens book
Who loves a good old-fashioned New England town common? If so, I am pleased to tell you that I have written a book entitled "Massachusetts Town Greens" that features 70 beautiful town commons. The experiences of visiting these town commons and writing about them has truly been amazing and I look forward to sharing them with you in the book!

Many of the town greens in Massachusetts have historical significance  -- whether as former cow pastures, military training grounds, religious centers, etc. -- but also serve as fabulous modern day gathering places that, depending on the town green, include farmers markets, Veterans and Memorial Day observances, summer concerts on the common, and seasonal festivals.

The look of a typical town common is wonderfully familiar with a gazebo, paved walkways, benches, dedication monuments and, of course, scenic green spaces.

The book includes historical information, interesting anecdotes, descriptions of what the greens look like today and events not to be missed. Crucial to the writing of each town green is to make you feel like you are actually there through detailed observations and by sharing my personal connection to these places with you. I look at the town commons as individual jewels just waiting to be discovered and, many times, as standalone travel attractions!

While tourists and locals pay top dollar for famous local attractions, sometimes the greatest memories can happen in one's "own backyard" -- that is, by enjoying the simples pleasures of a town green. The lost art of conversations, family get togethers, or neighborly gatherings can easily be resuscitated from an acute case of fast-paced modern world syndrome by visiting these often serene open spaces with, gasp, no admission charge!

Here are a few photo out takes that didn't make the final cut in the book, but give you an indication of the beauty of these Massachusetts town greens...
Barre town common

West Brookfield town common

Frog Pond at Boston Common

Taunton Green



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