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My name is Eric, and I created the New England Travel and Vacation Gazette to share the best of New England travel ideas and small businesses.  As a lifelong New Englander, I have an incredible love for the six state region and write pretty much every day as a work of love that ultimately benefits your New England trip planning.

I believe all New England states are created equal when it comes to  travel. Whether Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island or Vermont, the travel opportunities are endless and incredibly fulfilling. I personally like the more traditional New England like country stores, historic restaurants and quaint small town downtowns, but, in the name of fair and balanced reporting, write about as many facets of New England as possible. It's part of my natural curiosity!

As a blog of my main site, VisitingNewEngland.com, the New England Travel and Vacation Gazette differs slightly as I try to include time sensitive events and attractions, and "current events" travel. VisitingNewEngland.com is more of an evergreen travel site with predominantly timeless stories. You'll get a heavy dose of that, too, here, as much of New England travel is timeless.  But lately, I have tried to share more "hot off the press" stories like Christmas events and restaurant openings.

What qualifies me to write about New England travel? Passion! While I do have a degree in journalism and mass communications from Suffolk University in Boston, Mass., and 30 years in the newspaper and public affairs business, none of my job background would translate well to writing a New England travel blog if it wasn't for an eternal love and enthusiasm for the area.

I also write two other blogs: The Thrifty New England Traveler for budget travel ideas around New England, and Old School Boston that focuses on restaurants, stores and media personalities of the past. Additionally, I work with providers of Google Maps Virtual Tours to help New England businesses create their own Google Virtual Tours that can be seen on Google Maps, and be placed on web sites and Facebook fan pages. We also have a robust social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest. Busy times, indeed!

The Top 10 Reasons Why The New England Travel and Vacation Gazette is a Reliable New England Trip Planning Resource

We know that...
10. Chicopee is not a vacation destination.
9. It was the Pilgrims that settled in Plymouth in 1620, not the Eskimos.
8. The White Mountains of New Hampshire has no oceanfront.
7. The Museum of Science in Boston focuses on science.
6. Marblehead is a scenic, coastal North Shore of Massachusetts town, and not an insult said to describe someone.
7. Durgin Park is a historic Boston restaurant, not a place to sit on a bench and admire the green space.
6. Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass., is by the sea.
5. Founding father Sam Adams never got to taste the beer that bears his name.
4. Orleans is a quaint Cape Cod town, not just the name of a bland 1970s rock/pop group.
3. Crossing at a Boston crosswalk could get someone listed in Ripley's Believe it or Not
2. There is no attic in the Boston Common underground parking garage.
1. There are no sunrooms or kitchen islands in any of the buildings at Old Sturbridge Village.  

Character References and Relevant Experience for Eric, the Editor and Publisher
5. He went to Harvard. Yep, great experience. Learned so much. Nice Central Massachusetts town. Great apple picking there.
4. He once singlehandedly built a six-story hotel in Massachusetts and would have added on an additional story if there were additional Lego pieces.
3. He is one of the few locals that continuously pays attention to yield signs in Boston.
2. He also went to Yale. It's really a fantastic Boston appliance store.
1. As one who loves to cover all aspects of New England, he once considered writing a travel piece on the Citgo Station in South Quincy, but got tired and ran out of gas.

Enjoy this online New England travel site, and please write me if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Thanks!

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