Monday, February 19, 2018

My Favorite North End of Boston Italian Food Destinations

The North End of Boston is a vibrant, colorful interesting Italian neighborhood that also happens to be regarded as one of the most popular dining destinations in the Northeast United States. I've never had a meal or dessert here that I didn't like, so it's hard to create a "best of list." Nevertheless, here are six superb North End food destinations that come to mind...

Italian Meal -- Benevento's
Casual and cozy with a marble bar, tin ceilings and lots of wood, Benevento's is so welcoming that its atmosphere alone would be worth the visit. Lucky for us that it is owned by the famous al Dente restaurant next door and serves some of the freshest pasta imaginable along with chicken and veal dishes and brick oven pizza. See more on Benevento's

Italian-Style Pizza -- Regina Pizzeria
This is the original Regina Pizzeria that started serving its one-of-a-kind brick oven pizza back in 1926. The atmosphere is plain but fun and lively, and the owners go to great lengths to secure the very best food sources possible to ensure the pizza maintains its high standards. See more on Pizzeria Regina

Italian Bread -- Bova's
This landmark bakery has been in business since 1932. The Italian bread aromas coming out of this place will warm your heart, the taste of these loaves pleasing the taste buds to the highest degree possible. Bova's, however, goes beyond bread with  wonderful baked goods and the Spuckie -- an Italian word for sandwich. In this case, that means a sandwich absolutely packed with meats, cheeses, whatever you choose to fill in the sandwich that is on the menu. See more on Bova's

Cannolis -- Mike's Pastry
Mike's is kind of like the baked goods version of Hall and Oates. The snobs will say because it is so popular that it can't be the best. But like Hall and Oates, there is a true artistry here that others would love to replicate. The frequent lines of people out the door confirm the greatness of the wide variety of cannolis -- sort of like Hall and Oates selling millions of records. OK, enough of the Hall and Oates analogies,  See more on Mike's Pastry

Italian Coffee Shop, Grocery Store -- Polcari's Coffee
This old world coffee shop and grocery store has been around since 1932 and is a popular spot with a great variety of coffees and teas, as well as selling Italian candies and other snacks, spices and herbs, extracts and oils, legumes, and other basics. Nice to know there are places in the North End like Polcari's where the world seems to slow down, just like it probably was in the 1930s. I love this place as it has a lower profile than many North End food stops, but delivers just as much satisfaction in its own unique way! See more on Polcari's

Italian Dessert, Drinks Cafe -- Caffe Vittoria
What would the North End be without a dessert destination, or better yet an Italian dessert place? Caffe Vittoria is known as Boston's first Italian cafe, established in 1929, by serving up the most delicious pastries along with great coffee and adult beverages including the "Caffe Vittoria" coffee with kahula, brandy & tiramisu liqueur. Although almost always crowded and noisy, there's almost a romantic feel to Caffe Vittoria -- probably like being in an authentic cafe in Italy.I would recommend the delicious chocolate gelati, spumoni, ricotta pie, tiramisu and chocolate cannoli, for starters. See more on Caffe Vittoria

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