Monday, February 19, 2018

Why the Generations Love Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant in Meredith NH

Hart's Turkey Farm roast turkey dinner. Photo credit: Hart's Turkey Farm
Hart's Turkey Farm should be called Hearts Turkey Farm because the Meredith, N.H., restaurant has plenty of it.

This is one of those old school restaurants that makes you feel good all over. Simplicity is the catalyst: serve great turkey dinners in big portions, be good at creating all other meals, always prioritize customer service and have customers dine in an atmosphere that feels warm, inviting and traditional without a hint of trendiness. While the name says "turkey," people I have known through the years have experienced an equal love affair with the whipped potatoes, gravies, fresh vegetables chowders, soups, homemade pies and its own ice cream.  The older generations love telling friends and family about Hart's, and I suspect the younger generations will have stories to tell, also, as they get older. It's heartwarming to find a restaurant that seems to please all ages levels.

Hart's certainly has succeeded as a landmark Lakes Region restaurant, in business since 1954 and on a busy day, serving one ton of turkey, 40 gallons of gravy, 1,000 lbs. of potatoes, 4,000 dinner rolls and more than 100 pies, according to its web site. They also have a very nice gift shop that sells everything from gifts and souvenirs to turkey pies and ice cream.

Hart's Turkey Farm. Photo credit: Hart's Turkey Farm
Back in the day, the now-closed Green Ridge Turkey Farm in Nashua, N.H. and Hart's battled it for the best turkey farm restaurants in New Hampshire. The quality was nearly identical between these two restaurants, but Hart's always seemed to have that extra edge, in my opinion. I actually never got to Hart's as a kid because the Green Ridge was closer to my hometown --  -- so glad to have been a latecomer by discovering it in young adulthood!

Meredith, N.H., offers several excellent dining options, but if it came down to choosing one, the choice, for me, would be Hart's Turkey Farm. The emotional attachment is certainly a factor, but the overall traditional dining experience, with all that great turkey and comfort food, results in something that you just can't find all that much, anymore. Especially on days that aren't Thanksgiving!

Hart's Turkey Farm Restaurant is located at 233 Daniel Webster Highway, Meredith NH Tel. 603-279-6212

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