Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Further Proof That New Englanders Aren't Wimps

We all know that New Englanders are a hardy bunch as proven by having to put up with these long, cold, snowy winters. It is not well-known, but New Englanders are also pretty hardy during the summer, too. In faraway lands where beach goers run for cover the minute one cloud appears in the sky, New Englanders often thumb their noses, collectively, to the changing weather scenario and carry on by enjoying their beach day.

Want further proof? Take a look at this Short Sands Beach, York Beach, Maine, summer scene where virtually everyone ignored this ominous cloud cover...

Do you think this is a result of determination to enjoy the beach day no matter what, or just being plain crazy? Your thoughts?

1 comment:

Madeline said...

As one of those hardy individuals I can vouch. If you're waiting for a sunny warm beach day in New England you may wait years with only a week's worth to enjoy. The beach is great in any weather!



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