Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Good Eeeevening!: A Perspective on New Hampshire Meteorologist Al Kaprielian

Article by Eric H., at VisitingNewEngland.com

Somewhere in the 1980s, my esteemed Arlington High School journalism teacher Len Tammaro tipped me off about a New Hampshire television weatherman that he called "Crazy Al Kaprielian." That night, I couldn't believe what I saw: this nerdy-looking guy with a high-pitched voice flailing his arms all over the weather map, contorting his face in every direction, and squealing, "Good Eeeevening!" and "HIGH PRESSURE!" (his future trademark phrases)." All that boundless energy and the myriad antics left the viewer laughing, yet enervated at the same time.

In this world of slick, Ken and Barbie television meteorologists, Al Kaprielian has been the antidote to the standard, unctuous television personality. Twenty-five years later, Al is still going strong on MyTV New England with his unique style --perhaps validation that he really loves his job.

No doubt, Al has always been an unconventional, unique-looking and, also, amazingly accurate weatherman. At every chance, we watched Al before traveling somewhere in New Hampshire or southern Maine. We'd even watch him to plan our travels in Massachusetts because he was better than any weatherman here! Others have recognized his talents as he was awarded "Best Weather Forecaster" in the Nashua Telegraph's 2004 Reader's Choice Awards, Best Media Personality and Best Weatherperson in New Hampshire Magazine's The Very Best of New Hampshire Reader Choice Awards.

I once had the honor of briefly meeting Al at a Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce breakfast. He was nothing like his television personality, talking in a quiet but friendly voice and almost seeming shy. He was so genuine, modest and interested in what others were saying. I thanked him for his years of information and entertainment, and he had this look like a teacher had just given him an "A" on his paper and a gold star. This might be stating the obvious, but many people in the media that I have met do not act with this type of humbleness.

I remember watching Al mostly on WNDS-television, which is now My TV. Whenever you have a chance, watch this one-of-a-kind meteorologist who has become a legendary New England cult hero. Now how many weathermen can we say that about?


Anonymous said...

I love watching Al Kaprielian!
When was he at one of the Nashoba Valley Chamber of Commerce events? I work at the Chamber and it must have been before I started. I would have loved to have met him!

S. Worcester said...

It's really refreshing to see someone enjoy their job as much as he does! You've got fans all over New England.

Suldog said...

Al is one-of-a-kind, and a local treasure. I just saw him between segments of "Family Feud", and he was as entertaining (and good) as ever. Long live Al!



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