Monday, September 22, 2008

A Very Unusual Roast Beef Restaurant in North Smithfield, RI

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For those in search of restaurants serving delicious roast beef sandwiches and featuring a silo, a giant authentic indoor stone wall covered with antiques and wood carvings, and side rooms with mock chicken cages in the walls and other rural farm accents, then the Beef Barn in North Smithfield, RI, should fulfill that lifelong quest.

For the rest of the world, the Beef Barn will do just fine, given that amazingly tender roast beef, low prices, and a friendly, informal atmosphere with booths, tables and a counter with stools. The Beef Barn has been in business more than 40 years, always seems crowded, and is also known for its char-broiled burgers, coffee milkshakes and the pleasant, old lady waitresses who seem to be embedded into the Beef Barn history and culture. The younger generation waitstaff seems to be pleasant, too, with more on their minds than text messaging and weird piercings -- they generally enjoy working here.

It's easy for a family of four to eat here for under $30.00. For a little more, we recommend adding a dessert to the mix. We once had a carrot cake here that ranks amongst the best.

The Beef Barn is located on the Woonsocket, RI, line. It's sort of like Petticoat Junction being located next to the city!

Beef Barn , 1 Greenville Rd, North Smithfield, RI , Tel. 401-762-9880

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