Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sunday Mornings at Don's Diner in Plainville, MA

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Everyone loves a good diner, but how many of these landmarks remain open in the New England downtowns where the heart of our communities used to gather for an informal meal and great conversation?

It seems like more diners today line the faceless highways, strip malls and remote roads leading from our town centers, but, fortunately, places like Don's Diner in Plainville, MA, grace its modest but active downtown with an old-fashioned dining spot where everyone says "hello" to each other. Plainville is just that kind of town and Don's Diner is the vehicle to enjoy that small town feeling.

Don's Diner, after a brief hiatus, reopened its diner in late 2006, starting with breakfast only and then, most recently, adding lunches. A fourth generation diner dating back to 1936, Don's Diner is full of classic chrome, swinging stools at the counter, nostalgic memorabilia, newspaper clippings and family photographs lining the diner car, a small, out-of-date television playing, and plenty of that good, old conversation and comfort food elevating this Plainville landmark to legendary diner status. Recommended dishes include the hearty omelets, home fries, M&M and chocolate chip pancakes, and homemade blueberry and cranberry-walnut muffins. We can hardly wait to try Don's Diner's lunches! The smell of coffee and the quick, personable service add requisite dimensions that further validate the diner's authenticity.

Sunday morning seems especially pleasant as the church crowds and families finding time to all be together that reflects the great, close-knit Plainville community spirit. Historically, a diner is that kind of gathering spot for local staff and customers, and Don's Diner represents its genre as well as any.

Don's Diner Inc., 121 South St., Plainville, MA, Tel. (508) 695-7036

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