Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Seasonal Closing of Bubbling Brook, Westwood, MA, Sept. 28

Article and photo by Eric H., at VisitingNewEngland.com

When we saw the handwritten sign above the order window that Bubbling Brook ice cream stand in Westwood, MA, would be closing for the season on Sept. 28, we knew this meant it was officially the end of summer.

Once those wooden boards cover the windows, it's almost a given that the weather becomes colder and the feeling sets in that a long, cold New England winter is knocking on our doorstep.

If you're a fan of Bubbling Brook, then fill up on ice cream at this rural, relaxing summer place with the meandering brook and farmland on the horizon before it's too late. Then again, places like Crescent Ridge Dairy in Sharon, MA, will be open year-round. While it's nice to have an ice cream stand that doesn't close for the season, the combination of waiting in line, ordering ice cream and leisurely sitting on a picnic bench amidst the twilight, crickets chirping and yellow lights at the order window warmly illuminating the stand will be sorely missed. That is, until the boards come off the windows and summer officially begins again next year in New England.

Bubbling Brook, 152 High St. (Route 109), Westwood, MA. Tel. (781) 762-9860

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