Monday, September 15, 2008

Back to the 50s at the 5 and Diner in Worcester, MA

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The chrome and neon-based 5 and Diner in Worcester, MA, is sure to please people in love with comfort food and a 50s atmosphere, as well as those mad at their local oldies station for no longer playing 50s music -- you'll hear plenty of that feel-good music here.

Before entering the shiny, spit-and-polish diner offering breakfast, lunch and dinner, you'll hear oldies music -- we heard "All Shook up" by Elvis. What a great introduction for what's to come and so much better than that faceless music (like a "B" cut from the Little River Band) playing outside those faceless chain restaurants.

Located in a shopping center, the 5 and Diner is actually a small chain (certainly not faceless) with a limited number of restaurants located across the United States -- mostly in Arizona. Let's forget, however, that the 5 & Diner is a chain. With its booths and classic counter, burgers and shakes, jukeboxes at the booths and all that aforementioned neon and chrome, the 5 and Diner feels like the "real deal." There's no need to be a diner snob and only like old-time diners when places like the 5 and Diner captures the spirit of everything a diner should be.

We sampled a delicious tuna melt, chicken pot pie, and over sized chocolate chip pancakes. We also enjoyed looking at the food (and portions) that ended up at other tables: the large, charred "hound dog" hot dog, the Philly Steak sandwich, the mounds of French fries and onion rings, hot pastrami sandwich, Mrs Cleaver's pot roast (great name for a 50s dish), homemade meatloaf, baked brownie sundae and apple pie.

Listening to Roy Orbison, the Beatles (hmmm, not a 50s group), Chuck Berry, the Platters and Bill Haley just added to the fun atmosphere. We look forward to coming back to this happy place that already has a special place in our "diner" hearts.

5 & Diner
525 Lincoln St.
Worcester, MA 01605
Phone: 508-852-6100

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