Sunday, September 21, 2008

Landmark Verrill Farm in Concord, MA, Burns

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After reading in the Metrowest newspaper report that the Verrill Farm main building in Concord, MA, burned to the ground on Sat., Sept. 20, 2008, we express our heartfelt sympathies to the owners and staff at this beloved, landmark farm stand.

When living in Concord in the 1990s, Verrill Farm created perhaps some of the most wonderful memories during my idyllic stay in this prideful, historic town. The wide-open fields with 100 acres of farmland yielding fresh-from-the-field produce at the farm stand, the sweet aromas coming out of the bakery, great tasting take-home dinners (the grilled salmon and the sirloin tips stood out) and some tasty homemade soups made Verrill Farm more than just a "farm." Verrill Farm seemed more like a way of life, beautifully situated in the rural Route 117 section of Concord with its community feel and where customers happily convened with each other and the nice people who ran this special place. Verrill Farm had this special quality since 1922.

After moving out of Concord, I added some extra miles to my 110-mile round trip daily commute from the Ayer, MA, area to a southwest Boston suburb by sometimes stopping at Verrrill Farm for a nice welcoming smile, a whiff of fresh air (we don't have this where I live) a take-home dinner and perhaps the best produce in the area -- no surprise given that all Verrill Farm crops were grown within two miles of the farm stand.

Our hope is that Verrill Farm will rebuild sometime soon, but more importantly that all those involved with Verrill Farm will overcome this traumatic situation and know that they have a legion of caring customers who wish them the best in every aspect of life.

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Marc said...

Good news--according to WBZ, Verrill Farms will be setting up a temporary farmstand so that they can open back up while they go through the process of rebuilding.



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