Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Local Chicken Pie That Would Make Aunt Bea Jealous

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If Aunt Bea from the Andy Griffith Show lived in the Boston area, she sure would be ticked off that someone made a better chicken pot pie than her.

The fact that Aunt Bea is no longer with us and, come to think of it, a fictional television character makes the argument kind of pointless, but you get the down-home-cooking concept. Harrows, in Reading, MA, trumps the supermarket brands with its slow-cooked overnight farm-fresh chicken and vegetables, perfectly married with a succulent gravy and topped with the most amazing flaky crust. You can order the chicken pies with potatoes and carrots, or without.

Harrows is strictly take-out, although they used to have a very cozy, dimly-lit restaurant on the premises that we wish was still around. Not fazed by the restaurant's closure, there seems to be more crowds than ever before for the take-out -- perhaps testimony to America's love with traditional comfort food and good pricing value during these tough economic times. Chicken pies range from one to six serving containers with prices starting at $5.25 and peaking at $19.25 (with vegetables), at this writing.

Add a wonderful homemade apple or blueberry pie, and you have a meal that begs for a return, as evidenced by Harrows being in business since the 1930s. Harrows is the ultimate place for this special type of comfort food and a true Boston area dining tradition.

Harrows Chicken Pies
126 Main Street
Reading, MA
Tel. 781-944-0410

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