Sunday, September 28, 2008

Enjoying Small-Town New England at the Walpole Arts and Music Festival, Walpole, MA, Oct. 4

Article and photo (of Blackburn Hall) by Eric H., at

If you're looking for a friendly, small-town New England seasonal fall event next weekend, we highly recommend the Walpole Arts and Musical Festival to be held on Sat., Oct. 4, from 10-4 p.m., at Blackburn Hall on Stone St. in downtown Walpole, MA.

One of those New England events that flies under the radar but is, nevertheless, a joyful way to spend a day, the Festival will include local painters, sculptors, musicians, puppeteers, jewelers, thespians, blacksmiths, poets, culinary aficionados, writers, and illustrators. It's a laid-back scene, located at a historic New England building with large grounds and a local crowd where everyone seems to know each other. Last year, we enjoyed some of the local folk and country music (some amazingly talented entertainers) and the highly creative local artists that work their craft for the love of what they do, and not for the fame. It's part of that modest New England spirit that makes this event an understated, but special way to spend the day in a pleasant, southwest suburban town. There will even be food vendors serving pizza, baked goods and a warm cup of coffee (and much more!)

For an added benefit, Jane and Paul's Farm (508-528-0812), at 33 Fruit St., in Norfolk, MA, is just a 10 minute drive from Blackburn Hall and features some nice apple picking and a farm stand with fresh produce. What a great way to spend a fall day without getting stuck in massive fall foliage traffic jams!

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