Sunday, September 21, 2008

Brenner's Children's Shop in Norwood, MA, Recalls the Mom and Pop Stores of Yesteryear

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Sometimes, local "Mom and Pop" stores are the true "superstores," and nowhere is that more evident than at Brenner's Children's Shop in Norwood, MA.

Hopelessly and happily stuck in a time warp, Brenner's has served the Norwood community for over 30 years with children's clothing and Girl and Boy Scout uniforms, insignia, basic handbooks and some crafts. The long narrow look of the store is old-fashioned and somewhat disorganized, yet highly personable. The back-in-time window displays with mannequins in Scout uniforms and baby clothing looks like something out of an old-black-and-white movie depicting small-town America. The elderly owners, sometimes exchanging good-natured bickering, pride themselves on knowing their inventory and if one, by chance doesn't know where something is, the other will find it within a heartbeat. They add up total costs the old-fashioned way, by pen or calculator.

Those of us older than 45 can remember this type of downtown store where we reluctantly went with our parents, usually before the beginning of school. That reluctance has turned into utter joy and honor to see such stores like this still in business. The selection is surprisingly good and up-to-date, despite the feeling of being in another era in a store the size of some modern day department store fitting room areas. What isn't up-to-date is the "How can I help you?" customer service you get the minute you walk in the store, and we hope that doesn't change for as long as Brenner's continues to serve, with pride, local Norwood and vicinity customers.

Brenner's Children's Shop
694 Washington St.
Norwood, MA
Tel. (781) 762-2276

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