Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Department Store Luncheonette Lives On In Medfield, MA

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Walk into old-fashioned Lord's department store in Medfield, MA, and you'll find a wonderfully dated layout of gifts, greeting cards, kitchen goods, toys, clothing, electronics and... a luncheonette!

Bringing back the good old days that recall Woolworth's and other department and drug stores, the luncheonette at Lord's is called Coffee Sensations and features black and white tile floors and counter back splashes, classic red stools, a long Formica counter table, an old Coca Cola machine, and a chalkboard menu with handwritten food and drink selections. The luncheonette is located between toys and stationery!

A luncheonette wouldn't be worth a trip if the food wasn't good. Fortunately, Coffee Sensations takes great pride in serving terrific breakfast and lunch items and a fine variety of fresh-brewed, specialty coffees that is a step beyond typical luncheonette fare -- including the former dining spot housed here, Mary Anne's Luncheonette. Terrific are the chopped chicken panini with cheddar cheese, hots, and mayonnaise, as well as the burgers, hot dogs, macaroni and cheese, waffles, and pancakes. Coffee Sensations also features Black Cow ice cream. Black Cow, based in nearby Millis, MA, uses 16 percent butterfat making for a truly delicious ice cream!

Service is quite friendly, quick and with a dedicated owner on the premises to ensure things are running smoothly.

Coffee Sensations is simply sensational, given its ability to revive the department store luncheonette concept and serve food that will make you want to return.

Coffee Sensations at Lord's Department Store
446 Main St
Medfield, MA 02052
Phone: (508) 359-6767

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