Monday, September 29, 2008

The Bright Personality of the Yankee Candle Factory

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The Yankee Candle Factory in South Deerfield, MA, has come a long way since founder Mike Kittridge started the Yankee Candle business in 1969 in his parent's basement.

It just goes to show what a little perseverance does as this household-name Massachusetts travel attraction offers an overwhelmingly fun mix of shopping, entertainment and dining, including more than 160 candle varieties, 16,000 square feet of home furnishings, a candle making museum, foods from fudge to gourmet dinners (and Chandler's Restaurant), a car museum, a Bavarian Christmas Village with themed holiday shops and a 25-foot Christmas tree.

Even a person like me who has an aversion and general dislike for candles thoroughly enjoyed our visit. It's like one-big cartoon with its animated look that is the size of some shopping malls. It's sort of like Disneyland with a wick. The appeal of the Yankee Candle Factory resides ultimately in its ability to offer something for everyone. If you don't like candles, you'll love vintage cars. If you don't like vintage cars, you'll love the fudge. And if you don't like like fudge, then perhaps you should see a doctor.

It's a great world when candle products can translate into a world-class attraction, but for us New Englanders we applaud this type of business for its high fun quotient and unique, one-of-a-kind appeal.

Yankee Candle Company, Deerfield Flagship Store 25 Greenfield Rd., South Deerfield, MA. Tel. 877-636-7707

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