New England Travel Tip Line

Please send us your New England travel news tips. In particular, we are looking for breaking news on the latest restaurant, retail and travel attraction openings, upgrades and expansions to feature on the New England Travel and Vacation Gazette. We also welcome tips and suggestions from travelers -- you always inspire us!

A few rules before submitting information:
The content must be written in your own words. No duplicate content, press releases and marketing pitches, please! Any advertising-like jargon will be placed in the trash. The news must be relevant to New England travel, and be of a recent nature. No news from 2007 or the 14 century, please!

For travelers, please follow the original, exclusive content rule. The content can be of a timeless nature, though -- that is, it doesn't have to be breaking news.

Why we have a New England travel tip line:
It is becoming increasingly harder for small businesses to catch the attention of the mainstream media.
We are a small business just like you and feel that creating this forum allows you to share the latest news that otherwise might not be seen.

For travelers, I review everything personally before it gets published and, if necessary, will fact-check with second and possibly third sources. This helps strive toward accuracy and harmony, and discourages nefarious types that leave anonymous, vicious reviews on other sites.

How the New England travel tip line helps your business
With as our flagship site, we currently have more than 25,000 followers on Twitter, 10,000 on Pinterest (so include a photo if you can!), 3,000 on Facebook and 2,300 on Google+. We can get the word out in a hurry.

How to submit your information
Email us at The New England Travel and Vacation Gazette, and we'll consider your breaking news or traveler tip submission for publication. Thanks!

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