Monday, January 12, 2015

Obnoxious Boston Sports Fan Writes on Sledding at Robbins Farm Park in Arlington, Mass.

The Obnoxious Boston Sports Fan wrote an absolutely fantastic article on about the joys of sledding at Robbins Farm Park in Arlington, Mass., and the importance of never banning this revered winter pastime.

Full of humor and wonderful memories while focusing on the timeless fun of this activity, the Obnoxious Boston Sports Fan also crafted this post with a cautionary tale about political correctness potentially impeding this recreational rite of passage into the winter. Some communities have banned sledding, feeling that physical harm outweighs kids and families just enjoying the great outdoors in this form.

Whether you agree with this article -- and, in general, the Obnoxious Boston Sports Fan's innate conservative perspectives -- this "real" journalist has the rare ability of hitting a home run with each article.  He often draws the reader into his articles by employing laser sharp focus on the matter of hand, writing in descriptive detail, and not wavering from his true beliefs.  The "sledding" post might be one of his best, in my opinion.

I hope you get the read the article, it's really a journalistic gem!

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