Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Traveler Restaurant: Three Free Books With Your Meal!

Article and Photo by Eric H.
The Traveler Restaurant is "literally" the most unique restaurant we've been to in New England -- you get three free books with every meal.

Just over the central Massachusetts line on Route 84 in Union, CT (near Southbridge and Sturbridge, MA), the Traveler's previous owner needed to reduce his extensive book collection, so he shelved them at the restaurant and the idea was received with "great reviews" by dining patrons. Approximately, 100,000 books are given away each year!

The book idea is all well and good, but what about the food at the Traveler? The overall "book" on the breakfast, lunch and dinner selections is a hearty "thumbs-up," with home style meals like tender strip steak , tasty, full-bodied pancakes, fresh tossed salads, an excellent New England clam chowder and for dessert a rich chocolate overload cake. It's diner food at its best, but in a cozy, dimly-lit restaurant setting. We highly recommend "booking" some time at the Traveler, as a very good family-style restaurant and a great alternative to your local library!

The Traveler Restaurant, Rt. 84, exit 74, Union, CT. Tel. (860-684-4920

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