Sunday, June 22, 2008

A Diner That Goes Beyond Comfort Food

Article and Photo by Eric H.
Whether it's a meatloaf "blueplate" special or tofu vegetable stir fry, the Deluxe Town Diner in Watertown, MA, has the knack for appealing to every walk of life.

Looking like a classic diner with its stainless steel, counters and booths and neon and acting like a restaurant with a chef who should be working somewhere in the upper-echelon Boston dining spotlight, the Deluxe Town Diner represents the best of the modern diners -- and the best of the old school diners! Perhaps that's why you'll see everyone from blue collar types to college kids, all looking for a good bargain, mind you.

The breakfast, lunch and dinner menu is quite diverse, including virtually any kind of breakfast item (pancakes, waffles, eggs any style, potato pancakes, breakfast burritos, etc.), soups, salads, wraps, sandwiches, and "blueplate specials" like meatloaf, roast turkey, mac and cheese, frank and beans, and fish and chips. For breakfast, the chocolate chip pancakes are phenomenal, full of chocolate chips and made-from-scratch pancakes. For lunch, we loved the Asian noddle chicken salad, although "Mom's chicken noodle soup" the Falafel appetizer plate, apple curry turkey burger and meatloaf sandwich looked very tempting, also. For dinner, we especially liked the meatloaf dinner -- plentiful and with a homemade taste.

While you'll feel quite familiar with the Deluxe Town Diner's classic diner decor and its comfort foods, it's quite an unfamiliar feeling to walk into a diner and be able to order beyond "comfort food." We heartily recommend this unusual concept, rare in the diner genre.

Deluxe Town Diner, 627 Mount Auburn St., Watertown, MA. Tel 617-926-8400

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