Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The 1761 Old Mill Restaurant, Westminster, MA

Article and Photo by Eric H.
The 1761 Old Mill restaurant in Westminster, MA (north central Massachusetts), serves as kind of a greatest hits collection of everything good about rural New England. Outside is a waterfall, covered bridge, beautiful pond with ducks swimming, scenic vistas, and hiking trails. Inside this former sawmill are post-and-beam ceilings, a roaring fireplace, a downstairs gift shop with nooks and crannies in its stone architecture, and, yes, delicious Yankee fare. Particularly good are the chicken vegetable pie, roast country duck, New England clam chowder and for dessert, the apple crisp a la mode. The Sunday morning brunch is quite impressive, too, with homemade corn fritters, pecan rolls, scrambled eggs and bacon and various chicken, beef and seafood dishes.

It's a rarity for a restaurant to not only serve great food, but also serve as one of rural New England's most scenic attractions. The 1761 Old Mill certainly delivers, being much more than a place just to eat. It's ultimately a delightful rustic, New England travel attraction.

1761 Old Mill, Rte. 2A, Westminster, MA 01473, Tel. 978-874-5941

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