Monday, June 16, 2008

Enjoying the Historic, Renovated Charm of Newburyport, MA

Article and Photo by Eric H.
Newburyport, MA, might not be every one's cup of tea, but we strongly recommend visiting this small North Shore city to see "what's brewing."

Lovingly restored throughout the years with its brick sidewalks, old-fashioned street lights, charming alleys, and renovated historic buildings that house restaurants, boutiques, art galleries, clothing stores and more, Newburyport is surely one of New England's most attractive coastal communities. Unlike other similar towns and cities, there's a minimum of rough areas and a plethora of old sea captains homes, as well as other stately and elegant Federal styles along High Street and nearby tree-lined neighborhoods in this once prosperous fishing and trade settlement. For dining, we especially like the Grog, a famous neighborhood restaurant and bar where locals and visitors can feast on steak, seafood and chicken dishes done better than most other places in the community. Fowle's variety store is a real sight to behold with its "soda and cigars" sign -- an interesting juxtaposition to the more upscale elements in the city. Newburyport, ideally located on the south bank of the Merrimack River at the mouth of the Atlantic Ocean, also features several quaint inns and bed and breakfasts -- with a nice synergy to the feel of this city, which, by the way, feels more like a small town.

Some might object to perhaps a too-polished, slick, calculated look, but we say that's better than the countless downtrodden towns and cities in Massachusetts with a lack of vision, funds, or politics getting in the way. Newburyport looks like they accomplished exactly what they wanted to do. To us, the look and the feel of the city is as close to an idyllic coastal community that you'll find in New England. Additionally, for those seeking quiet, natural places, the nearby Parker Wildlife Refuge on Plum Island provides several miles of unspoiled beach area (not for swimming, but plenty of beach space nearby) with great opportunities to bird watch, hike and commune with nature.

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