Sunday, June 22, 2008

Fast-Food, Naturally, at O'Naturals!

Article and Photo by Eric H.
O'Naturals offers food that tastes as good as fast food, but with the wholesome ingredients that are commonly found in your local health food store.

O'Naturals, originated by "Gary and his wife, Meg" at Stonyfield Farm, prepares its food without additives and names of ingredients you can't pronounce. The result is some amazing tasting organic and naturally-raised food, including a build-your-own-salad, soups, flatbread pizzas (after 4 p.m.), stir fry noodles, muffins, croissants, and some incredible tasting flatbread sandwiches (chicken, soy, steak, seafood and veggie offerings)! The wild prarie-raised "Wild West" bison meatloaf with red peppers, cheddar and mustard is our favorite -- unique, succulent and abundant. The flatbread bread really complements the sandwiches' filling, baked to near perfection with its organic, unbleached and unbromated flour with germ, honey, sea salt and yeast. As a example of a complete wholesome meal, add a sesame spinach salad and green peas lemon herb soup (available on Tuesdays and Fridays) and you've got a meal that will make you forget about the other fast food chains. There's also a children's menu including a great grilled cheese flatbread, mac and cheese, and antibiotic-free turkey sandwich.

The food at O'Naturals is nothing like its no-longer-in-business restaurant predecessors who were ambitious but usually turned out health food with the taste of a brick. This is comfort food at its best, served fast, and in a environmentally-friendly, visually-appealing atmosphere (lots of recycled elements to the restaurant construction and furniture).

The Acton, MA, location is closest to us, but there are other O'Naturals in Falmouth, Maine, Portland, Maine, Wichita, Kan., and Orlando, Fla. It is our hope that this brilliant restaurant concept will become a household name when it comes to fast food dining.

O'Naturals, 149 Great Rd. (Brookside Shops), Acton, MA. Tel. (978) 266-0222

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