Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Old-Fashioned Shopping in Maynard, MA

Article and Photo by Eric H.
The Maynard Outdoor Store in Maynard, MA, brings us back to a gentler, closer time when personalized service, quality merchandise and reasonable prices all came together in a trip-back-in-time interior store design, probably not looking much different than when the store opened more than 50 years ago. It's a wonderful experience shopping here, not only for the old-fashioned feeling, but to buy up-to-date clothing, shoes, sneakers, jackets for all seasons, hiking boots, baseball gloves, and winter gear. Brand names sold here include Woolrich, Nike, New Balance, Levi's, Pacific Trail and Timberland. The previous-era window front displays, the red and white tile floors and original tin ceilings add to the overall charm.

Shoppers know that what they can buy at the Maynard Outdoor Store, they can buy somewhere else, but they also know that the experience is more pleasant here. That's why this current generation has followed their parents and grandparents' cue to shop at a store where everyone knows your name and the long-time management and hired help act as an unofficial second family who just happen to help you buy their high quality merchandise. The Maynard Outdoor Store is not your cookie-cutter store -- it's a local cultural retail phenomenon, thankfully surviving in this "superstore" world.

Maynard Outdoor Store, 24 Nason St., Maynard, MA. Tel (978) 897-2133

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