Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dining, Family-Style, in Westwood, MA

Article and Photo by Eric H.
Several years ago, Vello's came to the rescue to the family dining-starved southwestern suburbs by opening a restaurant offering well-prepared food with flair at affordable prices and friendly service.

Owner Victor Servello worked his tail off, spending much of his time at Vello's (which he still does), enjoying his work and making sure he hired help that was interested and content working at his restaurant -- very much opposite to the detached, self-entitled, "How can I not help you?" staffs we have dealt with at other restaurants.

What's more, Servello made sure to create dishes that are well above than what you'd expect from a family restaurant. The menu consists of eclectic/New American dishes with a heavy dose - and homage to -- the best traditional American foods. The clam chowder special could give renowned seafood restaurants a run for the money for the best chowder in the area. The shrimp risotto rivals any dish you'll find in the North End. The same goes for the homemade Italian-style pizza with ample toppings! The tasty, ample chicken Caesar salad wrap and panini sandwiches belong in the "Sandwich Hall of Fame (a theory, as there is no Sandwich Hall of Fame, at this point)." The over-baked salmon is also a real winner, too, cooked perfectly to bring out a tender taste with just the right seasonings.

Vello's also serves amazing sweet potato fries, burgers, fajitas, burritos, fried clams and mixed greens salads for lunch and dinner. They serve breakfast on the weekend and have a "Kids Eat Free" night on Wednesdays! Formerly Bergson's Ice Cream, you can see the restaurant's ice cream parlor past, transforming a Friednly's template dining room into a casual but hip small dining room atmosphere. Thankfully, Vello's hung onto some of the dining room's storied past by offering a full service ice cream menu, yet another reason to call this the number one family restaurant in the region!

From the finicky urban diner to the family looking for a great bargain, Vello's is a terrific dining spot. If only every town had a restaurant like Vello's!

Vello's, 679 High St., Westwood, MA. Tel. (781) 461-2440

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