Monday, June 16, 2008

Rossi's in Millis, MA, Reopens!

Article and Photo by Eric H.
When Rossi's closed last year, we were so sad that we wanted to make ourselves feel better by going out for a nice dinner. That was impossible, however, as Rossi's closed!

Fortunately, the original Rossi's owners took over this esteemed but somewhat "hidden gem" restaurant and reopened in April 2008. With its several quaint dining rooms within this stately Victorian home and outdoor dining on the veranda, the wonderful American regional cuisine with European influences, and a romantic feel, locals like us are ecstatic about Rossi's returning as a dear dining friend.

Recommended dish: Seafood All' Apassionata, with fresh linguine sauteed with lobster, shrimp and scallops, tossed with bacon, plum tomatoes, garlic, butter and ripe olives. Rossi's also serves a global variety of wines from lesser known vineyards!

Rossi's Restaurant, 270 Exchange St., Millis, MA. Tel. (508) 376-1004 (located about 45 minutes southwest of Boston, MA

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