Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Our Summer Romance with Brown's Ice Cream Stand

Article and Photo by Eric H.
Brown's Ice Cream, in York Beach, Maine, captures the essence of the quintessential New England ice cream stand by garnering crowds, and serving wonderful homemade ice cream into the increasingly comfortable summer twilight. After a day of beach, zoo and amusement park attractions two miles down the road at downtown York Beach, it's especially satisfying and rewarding to enjoy the moment of going to Brown's. After all, the "moment" isn't there the majority of the seasons, as the boarding up of Brown's signifies the end of summer vacation and the beginning of hibernating.

Our favorite Brown's flavors include the blueberry-packed Wild Maine Blueberry, whole-bodied black raspberry and the loaded cookie dough. While the ice cream ranks as some of the best we've sampled in New England, the experience goes beyond the ice cream. It's a way of life to eat ice cream at Brown's, something that dates back to our childhood and remains passionately in our ice cream stand affections from adults who remain youthful.

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