Friday, August 21, 2009

Visiting The Children's Museum in Easton, Mass.

Article and photo by Guy Bocabella

As we face another hot, muggy day in the Boston, Mass., area, this might be a great time to get into some nice, cool air conditioning -- why not make such a destination involve culture? We recently took our nephew and niece to the Children's Museum in Easton, Mass., and found it to be a perfect "staycation" idea!

The Children's Museum in Easton, Mass., is one of New England's true "travel attractions" gems. This modest-sized kids museum with a big heart has become increasingly popular through the years, and no doubt, the recipient of many locals who want and need to save money by prioritizing the day trip mode over extended vacations. Through any economy, however, The Children's Museum in Easton deserves a visit given the wide-ranging educational and entertaining activities for children (primarily for children ages one through eight). Housed in a former fire station, this charming museum is packed to the gills with activities that tap into the most important element for a child -- piquing one's interest through quality exhibitions, interactive features and programs. Some of the simple but most enjoyable activities include climbing the fire pole, the arts and crafts activities, doctor's office, woodworking shop, "World Place" outdoor exploration center, the "Fetch!" Lab with Ruff Ruffman (science and math activities), and the "Broadway" performance center.

You could spend a whole morning or afternoon here, with not one dull moment. Highly recommended!

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