Monday, August 31, 2009

Remembering Shakey's Pizza in Nashua, N.H.

Article by Eric H.

With its corporate chain restaurant status, Shakey's Pizza Parlor, on the Daniel Webster Highway, in Nashua, N.H., might not have been your classic New England dining spot, but it sure was classic in the sense of fond local dining childhood memories.

The dark, cavernous room with a player piano and Laurel and Hardy movie playing made the hand-tossed fresh pizza even that much better. Add some full-bodied root beer and Shakey's became one of our our favortite "cheap eats" places within radar of our Arlington, Mass., home. Going to Shakey's usually occurred after a day of beach fun at Silver Lake State Park in nearby Hollis, N.H.

Shakey's is long gone, a victim of Pheasant Lane Mall area development. I often wonder if Shakey's would have the same favorable effect on us today. The answer is probably "yes," as you can never go wrong with good pizza, a rollicking player piano and Laurel and Hardy getting into mishap after mishap!

For more on Shakey's and other New England restaurants that are no longer with us, we encourage you to read our "Great memories of New England restaurants that are no longer with us" article.


Anonymous said...

Shakeys plans to come back in a new way nationally but it's taking a long time starting back at it's roots in Cal. check out

Eric, the New England travel writer said...

That's great news, thanks for sharing this. It would be nice to bring Shakey's back to Nashua!

David Paquette, Chelmsford, MA said...

Shakey's was one of my favorite places to go with my family back in the 1970's! I was just a kid then and always looked forward to getting a ballon with the cardboard feet! I remember that player piano as well as the Three Stooges and Little Rascals playing up on the movie screen. Shakey's was the first and only place I ever had sardine pizza! It really was delicious! Didn't they add another section in the back at some point? I remember the benches and long tables but then I recall smaller round tables with stools near the back. I also remember the office room in the corner that had the door with the colored stained glass. It would be nice if someone posted pictures online, perhaps from a birthday party or other celebration. Great memories of a unique place!

I miss it said...

Can't say I remember the piano. But, I do remember the big room with the big screen I remember once going there in the summer of 87, we were supposed to go to Canobie Lake but went here instead. Oliver North was on and us kids(and probably adults too) were so sick of seeing him on TV. I also remember those two places they would have video games. I remember playing Elevator Action and Karate Champ there. It was a really fun place. Too bad there aren't any Shakeys anywhere in New England anymore.

I'm wondering why Pheasant Lane mall is blamed for it's downfall. Lots of restaurants (including Uno's which stands where it is now) survive just fine around there. The only place that could compete with them in the mall was Roman Delight Pizza, which was there back then.

Anonymous said...

.....and what about the kaazoo that you could get there. Drove the parents crazy.

mike said...

I was a long time fan of Shakeys in Nashua, and the last time I saw a Shakeys was in Wisconsin, and it was awesome. I think Shakeys would do great here if they come back. Please come back!!!



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