Saturday, August 29, 2009

A New England Scenic Tour

Article and photos by Eric H., lifelong resident

New England resonates with such scenic richness and diversity that you could spend a whole lifetime here and not get to see every unique nook and cranny of the six-state region. We are continuously amazed at New England's visual delights featuring quaint small towns, ocean beaches, mountains, historic cities full of character (and sometimes characters) and of, course, the experience of four distinct seasons.

With excitement, we are pleased to present to you a sampler of scenic New England. Above is a slideshow we just put together that should please fellow New Englanders and those wanting to travel to New England. Happy travels!


Unknown said...

Lovely shots, I just wish you mentioned where these places are...mostly Maine I would guess.

Eric, the New England travel writer said...

Hi Janet,
Thanks so much for your kind words -- more photo to come! Regarding the mentioning of where these places are, I wasn't able to transfer them to this medium. However, if you log onto my flickr photo page at, you'll be able to read the locations. Thanks so much again for visiting our site!



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