Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blueberry Picking Season is Here in the Boston Area, New England!

Article and photo by Eric H.

(Norfolk, MA) - Local blueberry picking seemingly became fruitful overnight with an abundance of the nutrient-dense, disease-fighting little fruit ready to pick at farms in the Boston, Mass., area.

Jane and Paul's Farm, on aptly-named Fruit St. in Norfolk, Mass., was, yesterday, our blueberry picking destination of choice. Filling three lbs. of blueberries into a blue bucket came with great ease at this southwest suburban Boston location, given the myriad rows of fully-ripe blueberries. Other farms in the area -- including The Big Apple in neighboring Wrentham -- report good blueberry picking, also. The same holds true for much of New England, although if in Maine, call your local farm to find out if they have been affected by a local fungus that has impeded the blueberries' growth at a handful of farms.

All in all, however, now, and in the next few weeks, is the time to pick blueberries in New England. Not only is bluberry picking a fun activity, but the fruit also is incredibly healthy -- extremely high in antioxidants and reported by some health experts to support the heart, healthy vision, memory, and possibly fight some forms of cancer, according to the University of Georgia's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences in Athens, Ga.

Happy blueberry picking!

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