Friday, August 21, 2009

A Library Where Eating is Allowed

Article and photos by Eric H.

If your town or city has too many empty storefronts or municipal buildings, we suggest frequently reminding your local appointed and elected officials that there is a way to make good use of these structures. Of course, it all starts with your community encouraging local businesses to come into town -- so if that isn't the case, remind your local reps of that, too!

One of the best examples in New England of re energizing an empty town building is the Somethin's Brewin' Cafe, a library-turned-cafe in Lakeville, Mass. Holding onto the overwhelming charm of this 1913 Andrew Carnegie-funded former library, Somethin's Brewin' has created an unofficial, relaxed town meeting place where locals can have a cup of coffee or two over a delicious breakfast or lunch. The food is delicious, the atmosphere one-of-a-kind!

To read the full review on Somethin's Brewin', click on the link above.

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