Monday, August 17, 2009

One Brontosaurus Burger, Please!

Article and photo by Eric H.

There's nothing quite like a good sub shop with a dinosaur theme.

First Sandwich Shop Owner Tom Dugdale, a local expert on dinosaurs who once appeared on the David Letterman Show, serves up interesting decorations of dinosaurs, cavemen and other prehistoric elements to go along some mighty fine pizza, pasta and subs at this downtown Walpole, Mass., location. The displays are simple, not overwhelming as you won't find, say, talking troglodytes or some guy dressed up as Fred Flintstone serving your pizzas. The food prices are also simple with some amazing prices -- $5.99 for a large cheese pizza, at this writing. Our favorite dish is the hearty chili, bursting with a tangy, meaty flavor. First Sandwich Shop also offers "meal deals" at $4.99 -- sandwiches or small pizzas that include potato chips or cookies, and a drink. It's a terrific value.

The First Sandwich Shop certainly isn't a major tourist attraction, but rather a friendly, little hometown sub shop with an interest in dinosaurs. Now how many sub shops can offer that?

First Sandwich Shop
975 Main St.
Walpole, MA 02081-2965
(508) 668-7335

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