Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hi, I'm Slim from Whitman!

Back in the 1970s, the WEEI radio "Sports Huddle" sports talk show (starring Eddie Andelman, Marc Witkin and Jim McCarthy) featured a hilarious topic where callers identified themselves and the alleged local New England town they were calling from to create a famous person's name.

Some examples:

Hi, I'm...
Slim from Whitman (Slim Whitman, hokey pop singer)
Rick from Middleton (Rick Middleton, former Boston Bruins great)
Rick from Springfield (Rick Springfield,rock star and actor, famous for the hit single "Jessie's Girl")
Bobby from Hull (Bobby Hull, former hockey great)
Dave from Maynard (Dave Maynard, former WBZ-AM radio personality)
Ben from Franklin (Ben Franklin, the guy who flew a kite in a lightning storm; OK, he was much more than that)
Karl from Malden (Karl Malden, actor, star of The Streets of San Francisco")

You get the picture. Can you think of any other peoples' names combined with local New England communities that result in a famous person's name? Write us!

Mike from Lowell

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