Saturday, December 6, 2014

TripAdvisor Acquisition of Massachusetts-Based Vacation Home Rentals is Great News

3br - WATERFRONT WITH BREATHTAKING VIEWSWe are delighted that TripAdvisor recently acquired Vacation Home Rentals, a Massachusetts-based vacation rentals business.

I have always been impressed by Vacation Home Rentals with its excellent variety of vacation rentals, but feel that a great thing just got better with Vacation Home Rentals becoming part of  TripAdvisor.  By leveraging the power of TripAdvisor, Vacation Home Rentals can only get better with its offerings. That is really excellent news for the vacation rental customer and those vacation rentals owners wanting to list their properties.

Time to start searching for a Cape Cod vacation rental now! I just checked the selection and it is really awesome -- and it is nice to see that TripAdvisor logo right there alongside Vacation Home Rentals.

Many of you might not know this but TripAdvisor is also a New England based company, operating its brand new main office out of Newton, Mass.

Congrats to both companies, especially to Vacation Home Rentals Founder Tom Gilmore who has come a long way since creating his company is 2004!

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