Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Five Massachusetts Candy Houses for Your Valentine's Day Sweetheart and Sweet Tooth

There's nothing like an old-fashioned candy house to warm the nostalgic heart and satisfy when trying to think of Valentine's Day gift -- or as one has a craving for something sweet.

These candy houses in Massachusetts have been around a long-time and always seem to draw crowds during any time of the year but especially Valentine's Day, as well as Christmas and Easter:

Hebert's Candy Mansion, Shrewsbury, Mass. This famous travel attraction is located in -- you guessed it -- a big Tudor stone mansion and manufactures just about any candy category imaginable. In business for more than a century, Hebert's genevas, white chocolates, and classic boxed assortments continue to be of high quality and created out of a small batches manufacturing process -- crucial to a great final product.  Hebert's is located at 547 Hartford Turnpike in Shrewsbury MA. Tel.  508) 842-5583

Watson's Candies, Walpole, Mass. Watson's draws a local crowd and has a growing online presence, but still has to be one of the most underrated candies houses in Massachusetts. The minute you step into this warm and inviting candy house that has been in business the better part of a century, the vibe is nostalgic and feels like the prototype location for a candy maker to create magic. Although a little higher in price than some other chocolate manufacturers, the prices are well worth it as the taste of the chocolates is exquisitely rich and full bodied. Watson's also houses Scoops, a popular ice cream stand during the summer. In the winter, Watson's brings the ice cream indoors with a charming, Victorian-like dining room to enjoy your favorite flavor. Go for the assorted chocolates or incredible fudge here! Watson's Candies is located at 761 Main St. (Route 1A) in Walpole MA. Tel. (508) 668-2324

Hilliard's Chocolates, Easton, Mass. Hilliard's is also located  in a large house and is my personal favorite, getting things done absolutely right when it comes to fine chocolates and specialty candies. This fourth generation family business, located on  a busy stretch of Route 138, focuses on the art and science of candy making as they turn out consistently delicious sweets while never taking on a corporate vibe -- that is, their craft has become a lifestyle, also. Any homemade chocolate will do, but do consider the homemade truffles, bark, and almond toffee crunch and brittles. Hilliard's Chocolates is located at 316 Main St., Easton MA. Tel. (508) 238-6231

Furlong's Cottage Candies, Norwood, Mass. In business for more than 80 years, Furlong's Cottage Candies -- located in a welcoming cottage -- might just be the last step-back-in-time business on a stretch of Route 1 that is dominated by auto dealerships, chain stores and restaurants. Old-fashioned and friendly with great customer service, Furlong's hits a home run on with virtually everything they sell including homemade chocolates, fudge, roasted nuts and mints. The chocolate nut patties and chocolate covered Twinkies are a definite highlight!  Furlong's Cottage Candies is located at 1355 Providence Highway (Route 1) Norwood MA. Tel. (781) 762-4124

Trappestine Quality Candy at Mt. Saint Mary's Abbey, Wrentham, Mass. Nuns make chocolate at its candy facility and sell them at the gift shop in this beautiful Cistinerian monastery located in a quiet, semi-rural section of Wrentham called Sheldonville. Profits help the nuns be self-supporting while giving back to those in need. Great value, truly polite and helpful service (of course!), and some of the best tasting assorted chocolates we've tasted. You won't find any artificial flavors or colors, trans fats, high fructose corn syrup or any other chemicals in these lovingly-made sweets. I like best the milk and dark chocolate squares and chocolate covered toffee with nuts! Mt. Saint Mary's Abbey is located at 300 Arnold St., Wrentham MA. Tel. (508) 528-7306


Anonymous said...

You left out Mrs. Nelson's Candies in Chelmsford, MA

Eric, the New England travel writer said...

I agree, Mrs. Nelson's is a fabulous candy house.Thanks for mentioning it!



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