Monday, December 8, 2014

Pump House Indoor Waterpark, Jay Peak Resort, Jay Vt.

Jay Peak Pump House Waterpark (Photo Credit: Jay Peak Resort Media Office)
The Pump House Indoor Waterpark at Jay Peak Resort in Jay, Vt., in is not your basic, garden variety waterpark.

We all know that water parks can "slide" in quality and innovation very rapidly, thus suddenly becoming "lame" in the eyes of kids and "a bad value" from an adult perspective.

With its state-of-the-art waterpark and other attractions, Jay Peak has found a new life in the past 15 years by actually investing into its idyllic property with a 21st century mindset --- unlike many other waterparks and resorts resting on their laurels.

The huge Pump House features chutes, tubes, surfing-like opportunities, a river with rapids. indoor and outdoor hot tubs, poolside bar,  and a kids play area with a play structure and maple sap tipping bucket filled with real Vermont maple syrup (only in March). Additionally, you'll find arcades and a snack bar,  as well as a gift shop with merchandise relevant to the waterpark experience.

It all looks like a giant candyland for aquatics! Another nice element to the Pump House Waterpark is that there was significant life before this attraction -- that is, Jay Peak Resort has a grand reputation as a ski, golfing and spa destination. They also offer several restaurants, an ice skating rink, fitness center and summer tram rides.  It's truly what you could easily call an "all-inclusive resort."

Jay Peak is located at 830 Jay Peak Rd. in Jay VT. Tel. (802) 988-2611. Log onto the Jay Peak Waterpark page to start, and explore the rest of the site to see all that Jay Peak has to offer.

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Anonymous said...

The indoor waterpark is a great summer diversion, and in the winter it means family members during ski season who may not like the cold can still come and have a great time. We own the Phineas Swann B&B at the base of the mountain, and we have almost as many guests come up to enjoy the indoor water park as come up for skiing!



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