Friday, December 5, 2014

Six Flags New England Wicked Cyclone Triple Inversion Coaster Scheduled to Debut in Summer 2015

The Los Angeles Times reports that a 1983 Cyclone wooden roller coaster will be transformed, at Six Flags New England in Agawam, Mass., into an "intense" triple-inversion Wicked Cyclone wood-steel hybrid. The coaster, inspired the original Coney Island, N.Y., classic, is set to debut in summer 2015.

Although shorter than the original, the new version will be significantly faster and descend from a 120-ft. tall lift hill to a 78-degree first drop before going through a 120-degree overbanked turn, according to the Times.  Along the way, the rider will experience many twists and turns including an outward-banked airtime hump, traveling through a 200-degree stall element,  an airtime-filled triple downhill descent and a double-reversing baked hill element.

Six Flags, no doubt, will be "riding" on this one to be a big success!

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