Sunday, December 28, 2014

Logee's in Danielson, Conn.: Not Your Garden Variety Home and Garden Store

Musa ‘Veinte Cohol"  a fast fruiting banana
found at Logee's
Many people think of Danielson as the name Mr. Miyagi called the kid hero in the Karate Kid movie but it's also a pleasant small town in northeastern Connecticut where you'll find Logee's, one of the most unusual home and garden stores in New England.

Logee's features an incredible variety fruiting, rare, exotic and tropical edible and non-edible plants including trees that produce bananas, lemons the size of grapefruits, Japanese persimmons, unique begonias and hard-to-find hibiscus.  The experience goes way beyond that, however, as it's almost like a shopping mall version of plant inventory. Those that have been to Logee's five greenhouses and retail store know this longtime business as a seemingly never ending wonderland of colors and scents that should pique the interest of anyone even remotely interested in purchasing unique-to-familiar plants for the home and garden.

Logee's is a family-run business that has been around since 1892 and while well-known to gardening fanatics is not exactly a household name to the casual New England gardner (it should be, though!). Through the years, media has also recognized Logee's, including Martha Stewart who featured the store on the Martha Stewart Show.  They also offer a well-developed online store and catalogue, but if you are traveling in the area or live within an hour of Danielson, the trip is well worth it. We first recommend taking a look at the Logee's online retail store map to give you an initial taste of the enormity of this store.

Logee's clearly isn't your garden variety home and garden store!

Logee's is located at 114 North St. in Danielson CT. Tel. (888-330-8038


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