Thursday, October 23, 2008

The Storrow Pond Trail at Hale Reservation, Westwood, MA

Article and photo by Eric H.

We're always looking for the best hidden, not-too-taxing New England hiking gems, and we'd have to put the Storrow Pond Trail at Hale Reservation in Westwood, MA, in that category. Starting at Hale's main entrance, the wide trails, complemented by some pretty slopes, take you by some truly beautiful views of Storrow and Noanet Ponds. If you didn't know it, you'd think you were in New Hampshire, not minutes from overcrowded Routed 109 and 128! Just follow the blue blazes and you've got yourself one of metro Boston's nicest hikes, as well as a decent workout at this scenic 1,200 acre reservation.

Hale Reservation
80 Carby St.
Westwood, MA
Tel. 781-326-1770

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Eric said...

Thanks for the post about Hale. We hope everyone enjoys their visits as much as you did.



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