Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Smithfield, RI, Diner With a Pleasant View

Article and Photo by Eric H.

After finding no pleasant views from surrounding split level ranches and apartment buildings, I resorted to a personal rationale regarding the origins of the Pleasant View Diner's name.

I figured the pleasant view at this Smithfield, RI, location came from the inside where locals happily conversed with one another over cups of coffee, hearty plates of eggs, and a glance at the local newspaper and the small screen television -- with Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del. and Vice Presidential candidate), at this given moment, ironically talking about small town American values. The crowd included kindly old men and women, a tough-looking but equally kindly guy with a billy goat goatee, caffeinated moms with naturally caffeinated children and young waitresses with an innate sense of how to be successful diner waitresses through down-to-earth conversations and efficient service. They all knew each other and seemed glad to know each other.

Sitting on a stool at the counter, I feasted on a delicious omelette wtih spinach, cheese, onions and peppers. It wasn't that the dish was better than other diner food, but the results were what I expected when hungry and on the road. The good food and friendly service will surely bring me back, perhaps for a burger, turkey or meatloaf dinner or club sandwich during its breakfast and lunch hours of operation.

When driving home, I noticed the road's name: Pleasant View Ave. Now fully realizing the real origins for the diner's name, I quickly blocked this fact out of my mind and stuck with my original rationale of the pleasant view of small-town New England locals enjoying a beloved community meeting place.

Pleasant View Diner
132 Pleasant View Ave.
Smithfield, RI
Tel. (401) 231-1015

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