Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Beloved Miss Lyndonville Diner

Article and photo by Eric H.

When locals rave about a local restaurant, we take that as a cue to put aside the travel guide dining recommendations and do as the natives do.

While staying at a local motel in Lyndonville, Vt., the owners and staff praised the Miss Lyndonville Diner -- almost approaching filibuster status about the virtues of this diner. They told us that the Miss Lyndonville is where everyone goes for the delicious muffins, and oversized, delicious waffles and pancakes, and the equally good lunch and dinner (they favored breakfast, however).

We arrived at the Lyndonville for dinner where we immediately fell in love with the hometown atmosphere. It almost seemed like we entered someone's living room, as everyone seemed to know each other. With the exception of the counter and stools, however, the Miss Lyndonville didn't really seem like a diner. The two rooms of booths and tables created more of a small restaurant look.

Whatever the restaurant genre, we feasted on perhaps the best pot roast and fresh turkey we've sampled in our long history of dining out. The portions were not only heaping, but indeed done right -- just like the proverbial grandmother used to make. Service was typically diner friendly and efficient. Although the party behind us impeded our overall experience by being unable, or unwilling, to control their bratty kid (dangerously playing with knifes and forks above our heads), we felt like the locals were spot on about the greatness of the Miss Lyndonville Diner. Next time, we'll be back to again do as the locals do for muffins, waffles and pancakes and maybe even come back for some homemade pie with vanilla ice cream sometime later in the day!

Miss Lyndonville Diner,
686 Broad St.,
Lyndonville, VT
Tel. 802-626-9274

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Janice L. Brown said...

Great review -- we love this place, and try to get there as often as we can (although it's a 150-mile roundtrip)



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