Thursday, October 23, 2008

Capturing the New England Flavor: Wolfeboro Station, NH

Article and photo by Eric H.

Wolfeboro, NH, is truly a special vacation or day trip treat, with several nice downtown stores and restaurants, and the amazing views of the eastern shores of Lake Winnipesaukee and the mountains framing this idyllic, little town. With all the great lake and mountain views, however, I keep coming back to the Wolfeboro Station building as this town's greatest representation of New England's character. Sort of like a Victorian-looking train station building, Wolfeboro Station now houses the Wolfeboro Chamber of Commerce. What a nice place for them to work, and for us to view as tourists always looking for the "true New England." Next time you're in Wolfeboro, make sure to stop by this personality-filled building and receive some tourist information and tips from the Chamber at 32 Central St., just a block off Main St.

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carole wheatcroft said...

I visited Wolfboro a few years ago,and it will stay with me for ever.I am an English woman and to me Wolfboro was like England used to be.Its people friendly and polite,and common courtesies like please and thankyou not forgotten.I would love to live in your town with my yorkshire terrier but for me sadly not possible due to lack of funds.Thankyou Wolfboro for wonderful memories.



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