Sunday, October 5, 2008

A Corny New England Travel Destination

Article and Photo by Eric H.

Readers, lend me your "ears" about a fun, fall travel destination at Jane and Paul's Farm in Norfolk, MA.

Jane and Paul's Farm offers an intriciate corn maze that some say has them baffled for 20, even 30 minutes. The stalks are high, the paths diverse and there's even a bridge to throw a monkey wrench into figuring out how to reach the end of the maze.

We've been to those wimpy "around the knees" hay mazes that can be figured out with both eyes closed, but Jane and Paul's maze will surely be a challenge to anyone -- unless you cheat with a GPS or take a helicopter above and map out the premises. For the rest of us honest souls, Jane and Paul's corn maze will have you saying "Oh, shucks," on how to complete this rural challenge course.

Of course, add some apple picking (Macintosh, Daybreak and Empire), wagon rides to the pumpkin patch, a chance to commune with the farm animals and purchase some fresh-from-the-farm produce at the farm stand and you have a wonderfully spent morning or afternoon at this special farm, tucked away in a pleasant neighborhood in an equally pleasant suburban Boston town, Norfolk.

Jane and Paul's Farm, 33 Fruit St., Norfolk, MA. Tel. (508) 528-0812

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