Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A Hotel Guide Just For New England

Before the explosive growth of the Internet, there was a time when we had to buy yearly hotel guides at the book store to research lodging options for our vacations. While those guides are still incredibly useful and highly recommended, the great alternative of browsing Internet hotel travel sites makes things incredibly easy. You find the destination you want, read descriptions, look at the lodging photos, compare amenities and rates, and then make your hotel reservation online.

As the publisher of, I wanted to make sure that we could be affiliated with a high quality hotels listings business. We found one with, an honest ethical company that I find a delight to work with. They have helped me greatly with crafting a New England lodging guide to complement our extensive New England travel and vacation information. As a self-employed business owner whose foundation is built on ethics and values, I am especially honored and thrilled for to be affiliated with the ethics and values-oriented IHSAdvantage.

For you, the New England traveler looking for quality lodging, there's an incredible amount of New England hotels at discount rates that you can browse at the Lodging Guide. At this writing, you can find 1,352 hotels within 352 New England towns, cities and villages! What a great time to do a little research for the New England fall foliage season, and find the ideal hotel!

I am also in the process of writing town and city travel tips for each New England hotel page. There's much work to be done, but I think this project will yield additional New England travel information for you, our esteemed readers. We are a local staff with lifelong roots and are confident that you will enjoy the "insider's information" on the towns and cities that make our region so special.

It is such an honor being affiliated with IHS' valuable hotel reservations service. For those with similar Web Sites, I recommend you check out the IHS Affiliate Web Site. For our readers looking for the perfect New England lodging, I am thrilled that we can potentially help you attain your travel goals. After all, is your site and I am merely the facilitor. Happy travels in New England!

Best Regards,
Eric H.
Editor and Publisher

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