Thursday, March 24, 2011

Loving the Greek-Style Pizza at Jimmy's Pizzeria in Walpole, Mass.

Jimmy's Pizzeria, East Walpole, Mass (photo by Eric)
When I crave a Greek-style pizza, I opt for Jimmy's Pizzeria in East Walpole, Mass. Owners Themis and Athena Kalemkeridis and their staff produce a full-bodied pizza that's not too greasy (so often, Greek pizza is too greasy!) and rich in homemade tomato sauce and a tangy cheese.  Jimmy's doesn't skimp on toppings, either, as add-ons like pepperoni and meatball significantly block the view of the tomato and cheese.

Jimmy's atmosphere goes way beyond the basic house of pizza decor and ambiance with a good-sized, well-lit spotless semi-circular dining room surrounded by several windows overlooking the attractive St. Mary's Church in the quaint industrial village look of East Walpole. I also enjoy other delicious meals at Jimmy's like the gyros dinner, broccoli and chicken calzone, oversized salads, subs, chicken cacciatore and pasta dinners which all rival those found at the glitzier higher-priced restaurants in the area.  We love the "Themis Special," too, a white pizza with feta cheese, sliced tomato, peppers, hamburg, pepperoni, sausage and oregano. Wow!

Jimmy's also serve beer and wine, and has a large selection of soft drinks -- and even Yoo-Hoo chocolate milk!

Perhaps Jimmy's greatest attribute is Themis' and Athena's sense of community by reaching out to local public schools with fundraisers and knowing so many locals by first name. Often, you'll see older family and friends of the Kalemkeridis family at one table conversing away.

Themis and Athena run about the tightest ship I have ever witnessed in a pizza restaurant (Prince Pizzeria in Saugus, Mass., is another shining example), working with focused culinary precision and skill, treating employees well, and offering a dependable, consistent, friendly dining experience to the customer. All this would be to no avail if the food was sub par. Happily, the fantastic Greek pizzas and other dishes make Jimmy's the place to be if you're in the Walpole area.

Jimmy's Pizzeria
4 East St.
Walpole MA
Tel. (508) 660-6700

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