Wednesday, March 16, 2011

A Few Thoughts While at the Gas Station and Beyond...

Gas prices haven't been that amusing lately, but I've been able to find some humor while at the pump. OK, let me explain...

Have you noticed the self-serve gas pump card prompt that reads, "Please remove card quickly"?

What if you don't? I haven't had the courage to do this, so perhaps someone that has inserted the credit card in for an extended time can shed some light on this.

Have you seen the pump message "Press 'Yes' for receipt" ?

Why even have this? There's no option to press "No," so why not just have the receipt come out automatically?

How about "Please don't leave pump while fueling"? This is disappointing.  Last summer when reading this pump message, I really wanted to go to Six Flags New England while the car was filling up on gas. So I've learned to be patient and not leave the pump while fueling.

Last summer while leaving a gas station with all these weird messages, I proceeded to a local diner. Perhaps "fueled" by these upsetting prompts, I needed to use the restroom. Above the latrine, a message stated, "Please do not places large objects in the toilet."

Gee, it's not like I carry my Bocce ball around everywhere looking for a toilet to discard the object -- so I can break my habit of playing this ancient game.

As I drove by the "Thickly Settled Means Slow" sign (actually thickly settled means "highly populated") and past the"No Outlet" posting (wow, those poor people in that neighborhood with no electricity!), I took it as a "sign" to get home "promptly!"

Editor's note: do you find any public or private signs or prompts amusing? Tell us about them by commenting below.

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